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always wanted and still emphasize on it, that the Galego language stay and lasted, maily because the survival of our language will mean the survival of our race.I wanted that Galicia endure and lasted, alongside the mother land that has our ancestors and loved land, be another mother land which is our language. I after I am gone someone would like to praise me meanwhile feeding the grass of my loved mother land, could be read on my tomb:"here lays someone that with his achievements made possible that Galicia lasted another thousand spings".

Esperemos que o noso pobo perdure e estea sempre unido así como todos os galegos espallados por todo o mundo.

Manuel Matalobos y Otero
(Un Galego con morriña desde Hong Kong)

BSc Industrial Engineering (University of Texas)
MBA(Master Empresariales) University of California
Director Comercial para Asia y Pacífico de Entrecanales
y Tavora S.A. y Cubiertas y Mzov S.A.

wanted and I want the Galician language to last and continue, because the existence of our language is our only possibility to perdure as a people. I wanted Galicia to continue and, together with our homeland on earth - the homeland that is the land and the dead - there to be this other homeland that is our language. If one day, after my death, when I shall be yielding grass on our land, anyone should want to praise me, they could write on my gravestone: "here lies someone whose work has made Galicia last a thousand springs more".

Traducción de M.R.C.
Enviado por John Hallet

wanted and want the Galician language to last and continue because its existance is the only possibility for us to exist as a people. I wanted Galicia to continue, not only our grass and granite Galicia, the pride that is the land of our dead, but also the Galicia that is our language. One day, I hope my death to be a eulogy unto this land: that I may give grass to the earth; and my epitaph shall proclaim, "Here lies one whose work made Galicia last a thousand more springtimes".

Kurt Morrill
estudiante do curso "Introduction to Galician Studies",
dispensado por Francisco Fernández Rei,
da UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara).

've wanted and still want the Galician language to last and live on, because the durableness of our language is the only chance that we endure as a nation. I've wanted Galicia to live on and, besides the earthly motherland -that homeland which is both the land itself and our buried ancestors- I hope that there will be this other homeland which is our language. If I were to be praised someday after I die, when I am feeding the grass of this land of ours, it could be done by writing on my gravestone "here lies he who with his work made Galicia last one thousand Springs more".

J. Henrique Benlloch Castiñeira
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