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Francisco Franco Baamonde was born in Ferrol on December 4th, 1892. At the age of fifteen he entered the Academy of Infantry and began a rapid career that led to his becoming a general at the age of thirty-three and, a short time later, a major figure in the Spanish Civil War.

In 1966 a statue dedicated to the dictator Franco was erected in the city of Ferrol. Thirty years had passed since the uprising against the legitimate regime of the Spanish Republic. The equestrian figure, of limited artistic value in the opinion of experts, was designed by the Madrid sculptor Federico Coultaut-Valera Medigutía and subsequently cast in the Bazán shipyard, using bronze donated by the Spanish Navy. The artist received 1,255,000 pesetas for his work.

Since then visitors to Ferrol have come across, in the first main square at the entrance of the city, previously called Porta Nova and now Praza de España, a monument that has become one of the city's most famous sights.

Since the dictator's death there have been several attempts to remove the statue from its present location but, for different reasons, its 6,000-kilo weight and six-metre height continue to dominate the place. Pressure was exerted by many sectors of society. In fact, the continued existence of the statue, dedicated to a key figure of our country's fascist history, is an insult to many of Ferrol's citizens. On the other hand, with the passing of time the square's structure and appearance have become outdated.

If Ferrol claims to be a place that has learned how to renew itself, it should have a new image and new infrastructures in accordance with the times we are living in. Underneath the statue's location, the construction of a car park and the creation of new services are being planned.

In short, the horse has to be removed from the city entrance. In the 21st century what represents for some humiliation and for others, shame, cannot be the city entrance. In Ferrol people are hospital and respectful.

That is why Vieiros and a group of citizen associations have organized this initiative. We are an open-minded city that expects to see you soon. Come to Ferrol.

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