Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao

Rianxo 1886 - Buenos Aires 1950
Castelao is, without doubt, the central figure of Galician cartoon art. His debut was in Madrid, in 1908, in the Salon de la Caricatura II. He was later to work for Galicia Moza, O Barbeiro Municipal, Mi Tierra, La Voz de Galicia (Buenos Aires), Suevia, A Nosa Terra, El Sol (Madrid), El Pueblo Gallego, El Parlamentario (Madrid), La Ilustración Gallega y Americana (Madrid), Suevia (Buenos Aires), Nós, Galicia, Bohemia (Havana).
His theoretical work, his public lectures, his political will: together, they would lead him to die in exile. His was a total identification with all that is Galician, and it is perhaps this which has meant that Castelao is today not just a key figure in the development of Galician cartoon art, but a world-class master of the craft, a man from whom every one of us might learn
Published works include: Cousas, Cousas da vida, Sempre en Galiza, Un ollo de vidro, As cruces de pedra en Galiza, ...

­ Why don't you feed the dog?

­ Ain't worth it. He don't work none.

­ So why don't you kill him?

­ What for? Don' eat nothing.

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